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Paul Diamond is simply a long-time instrumentality   of Lloyd Homer’s photography.


Paul Diamond is simply a long-time instrumentality of Lloyd Homer’s photography.

Broadcaster, curator and writer Paul Diamond (Ngāti Hauā, Te Rarawa, Ngāpuhi) is simply a finalist successful the 2023 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards General Non-Fiction class for his biography Downfall: The demolition of Charles Mackay (Massey University Press).

Historian Danny Keenan's​ caller book, The Fate of the Land Ko Ngā Ākinga a ngā Rangatira​, shines a airy connected the play pursuing the Land Wars, erstwhile Māori mislaid immense areas of onshore done confiscation, but much onshore was sold (often against Māori wishes) betwixt 1890-1920. Keenan examines however Sir James Carroll​ and different Māori wrong and extracurricular the Liberal authorities (between 1891-1912) responded to the insatiable Settler tendency for land.

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I americium a long-time instrumentality of Lloyd Homer's​ stunning aerial photography, which features successful Mountains, Volcanoes, Coasts and Caves: Origins of Aotearoa New Zealand's Natural Wonders​, by Bruce W. Hayward​, alongside caller photography by Alastair Jamieson​. The images illuminate Hayward's prime of this country's 100 earthy features. Hayward explains however the landscapes were formed implicit millions of years. The publication provides caller perspectives connected acquainted places, specified arsenic my Wellington hometown, arsenic good arsenic sites which tin lone beryllium seen from the air, similar the Devil's Dining Table, Matiri Range​ northbound of Murchison.

At this year's Samesame But Different​ LGBTQIA+ Writers Festival, the 13th Poet Laureate Chris Tse​ was the honoured writer. I retrieve speechmaking Tse's 2014 book, How to Be Dead successful a Year of Snakes​, a almighty effect to the 1905 execution of Cantonese goldminer Joe Kum Yung​ successful Wellington. I'm speechmaking the remainder of Tse's trilogy, starting with He's So MASC​ from 2018. Tse takes the scholar into places which whitethorn sometimes beryllium unfamiliar, but which are relatable. There is ever a consciousness of urgency, astir wherefore each poem and poesy itself, matters.

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