This week's best celebrity looks proved polarising

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Margot Robbie wears Marni successful  her US Vogue Barbie photoshoot.

Ethan James Green/Vogue

Margot Robbie wears Marni successful her US Vogue Barbie photoshoot.

Whether you emotion its quality to convey a message, oregon deliberation it’s a distraction that takes absorption distant from the art, you astir apt person an sentiment connected reddish carpet fashion.

We person a batch of opinions astir personage looks, we stock them with you each week. It means we cognize what we like, but besides that we tally the hazard of being drawn to the aforesaid figures, designers and stylists retired of habit.

But this week, the celebrities acceptable retired to situation everything we thought we held existent astir the benignant of the stars.

The looks that prompted beardown reactions from america included gowns astatine Cannes, megawatt collaborations with plan houses, and mag shoots that erred connected the meta. See them, and more, below.

Best abstraction cadet

The caller Wes Anderson film, Asteroid City, has divided Cannes audiences, with Variety calling it “visually dazzling and dramatically inert.” Online commenters were besides beauteous atrocious astir Maya Hawke and Rupert Friend pirouetting unneurotic connected the film’s reddish carpet.

Headlines quoted the stunt arsenic ‘insufferable’, ‘narcissistic’ and everything successful between, which I deliberation miss the constituent that portion not overt arsenic a co-star twirl, everything astatine Cannes is fundamentally a amusement and creation for the cameras.

Personally I thought Hawke looked large successful this mossy customized Prada dress. I loved however suitably sci-fi the colourway and styling of the blocky achromatic boots felt, fixed that the movie is acceptable successful a mid-century space-obsessed American godforsaken town. - Tyson Beckett

Best Barbies

Which look to choose?! In quality that volition astonishment nary one, I americium already obsessed with the Barbie movie and was anticipating prima Margot Robbie’s inevitable Vogue screen arsenic portion of the property campaign. I deliberation the screen itself is a spot literal (the disapproval astir the unrealistic and somewhat distorted retouching is someway perfectly connected marque for this movie too), but the divine afloat sprout is 1 of the champion things US Vogue’s done successful a agelong time.

On the aboveground it's a precise beauteous shoot, but look a small deeper and the somewhat surreal, meta level styling and acceptable plan perfectly captures what Barbie manager Greta Gerwig explains arsenic the film’s intentional “authentic artificiality”. Which, to me, someway besides captures the representation driven, societal media, AI/ChatGPT satellite we’re presently surviving in.

But backmost to the fashion, which incorporates Barbie looks and motifs successful a contemporary, high-fashion way: a Marni striped and polka dot look referencing the iconic 1950s doll, the Saint Laurent ‘business Barbie’ 80s benignant suit, the Carolina Herrera cleanable prom gown worn with conscionable 1 shoe, the Margiela cowgirl look and roller skater Barbie wearing Miu Miu portion adjacent to an oversized terracotta cookware of flowers. It is similar a manner fever dream; don’t aftermath me. - Zoe Walker Ahwa

Best hardworking dress

I was conscionable saying to a person the different time “I don’t truly get Elle Fanning,” but past she goes and does this.

To beryllium fair, I inactive don’t truly get her. Mainly due to the fact that I don’t callback ever seeing her successful anything. She’s much idiosyncratic you spot astatine manner shows and events, a apparel equine similar Kate Bosworth. And usually radical who are known chiefly for their abilities to look large successful apparel I thin to destruct from champion dressed conversations. Like, they person the precocious hand, they should person to enactment doubly arsenic hard.

This Paco Rabanne formal connected Fanning is moving other hard astatine Cannes; it’s sparkly, has super-fun question and a joyous vibe. Plus the neckline (or rather, the necklace) is divine. I apologise for dismissing you Elle. Thank you for schooling me. - Rebecca Wadey

Best IRL mermaid moment

If you’ve seen this Jean Paul Gautier printed mesh formal a batch this week, that’s due to the fact that Kylie Jenner modelled it arsenic the look of Gaultier’s latest campaign - a stunning mermaid moment, with @makeupbyariel’s bleach brows and purple blush providing a batch of the magic.

But I gasped erstwhile I saw Parris Goebel wearing it astatine The Webby Awards, wherever she presented SZA with the Artist of the Year Award. The glam, the attitude, the (clearly a dancer) poses were adjacent level.

Ever since I saw this formal I haven’t been capable to halt reasoning astir moss greenish and Grimace purple unneurotic - it’s going to beryllium the inspo for my Saturday nighttime oculus makeup! - Lara Day

Best achromatic dress

Technically, I should hatred this, arsenic it features a operation of things that I americium usually not a instrumentality of. Balenciaga. Sharp shoulders. Black lace. ‘Nude illusion’ placements. Those often inexpensive looking leather necktie belts.

But by deity does Isabelle Huppert look unthinkable successful this ensemble astatine Cannes. The matching achromatic sunglasses are a cleanable finishing styling touch. - ZWA

Best successful butterfly print

Right erstwhile I'd astir physically and emotionally recovered from Dua Lipa’s spellbinding Future Nostalgia circuit amusement past year, the pop-star reels maine backmost into my obsession. This time, the root of my entrancement is her hotly anticipated La Vacanza manner collaboration with Versace. I wouldn’t deterioration immoderate of it myself but overmuch similar Lipa’s euphony the postulation is poppy and perfectly Y2K.

Between this butterfly winged perfection, that jaw-dropping achromatic cut-out dress she wore earlier successful the week to debut her narration with manager Romain Gavras and the opus from the upcoming Barbie movie that she’s releasing tomorrow, Lipa has been precise benignant to Loves this week. - TB

Best subsister of formation 2525

The ladies of Yellowjackets attended an lawsuit unneurotic this week, and honestly they each looked truthful large it was hard to take a favourite. Eventually I decided that Christina Ricci, successful Givenchy by Matthew Williams, has the borderline implicit her level clang survivors this time, and not conscionable due to the fact that Misty is strangely the lone quality not giving maine aggravated trauma this play (and I stan Misty and Walter).

Although Liv Hewsom successful an Emporio Armani unfastened vest, pants and level shoes does travel successful a adjacent second. - RW

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