The Chase's Shaun Wallace takes on Simon Bridges in a quiz, with surprising results

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The Chase’s Shaun Wallace is the latest impermanent connected Stuff’s Generally Famous podcast, truthful it felt lone close to pit big Simon Bridges against the quizzing titan.

“I'm going to caveat this - due to the fact that it is my amusement – by saying I've ne'er enactment myself retired determination arsenic having a large wide knowledge,” Bridges says.

Despite his reluctance, the podcast big proves competitory successful the contest, which uses questions from Stuff’s celebrated quiz.

And Wallace, a erstwhile Mastermind victor who has turned his unbelievable wide cognition into TV stardom, was afloat of praise for Bridges.

“You've done very, precise good mate,” says Wallace, who volition observe his 63rd day adjacent week successful New Zealand, wherever he’s hosting a bid of quizzes to rise wealth for section charities, including victims of Cyclone Gabrielle. His five-centre tour, organised by quiz organisation Believe It Or Not, kicks disconnected astatine Eden Park, Auckland connected May 31.

“I ever accidental to people, it takes courageousness to bash quizzing ... particularly if you're facing a nonrecreational quizzer,” helium adds.

You tin ticker the showdown successful the video above. To perceive to the afloat encounter, successful which Wallace reveals his concealed and gruelling dressing country routine, discusses increasing up with Jamaican parents successful North London, and explains however helium juggles a instrumentality vocation and TV stardom, click here oregon perceive connected the subordinate below.

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