Owner reunited with dog after vehicle stolen with puppy inside

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Billy the puppy has been reunited with his owner.


Billy the puppy has been reunited with his owner.

A puppy who was taken by a car thief erstwhile they stole his owner’s conveyance has been reunited with his household aft children spotted him wandering successful a field.

Billy, a five-month-old labrador puppy, had been missing since August 5 erstwhile his owner’s car was stolen from extracurricular a Bay of Plenty motel.

Lawnmower antheral Barry Riley was tidying up the lawns of Tauranga’s Academy Motor Inn connected August 5 when a car thief made disconnected with the enactment vehicle his puppy was sitting in.

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A distraught Riley enlisted the assistance of constabulary and Tauranga City Council, portion his household and the motel owner, Caroline Driessens, called retired to the section assemblage to assistance successful the search.

A pistillate successful Matapihi contacted the household connected August 6 to accidental her children had seen the dog, Driessens said.

“He was wandering astir successful Matapihi. A woman and her kids recognised him and truthful contacted the constabulary saying they had him safe. He’s present been picked up by Barry’s lad and they’ve taken him backmost to Barry, who is truthful happy.”

The canine  was successful  a car   that was stolen successful  Tauranga. The conveyance  is inactive  missing.


The canine was successful a car that was stolen successful Tauranga. The conveyance is inactive missing.

The children’s parent said they recovered Billy successful a tract and brought him to their location to springiness him water.

”All recognition to the kids, arsenic they recognised him and were capable to enactment him connected a lead,” she said.

Riley was truthful relieved that Billy was recovered and thanked the assemblage for their help.

“I deliberation fractional of Tauranga has been looking for Billy and we are truthful grateful,” Riley told Stuff.

The vehicle, a airy bluish Hyundai Santa Fe 2006 with achromatic wheels and achromatic bonnet, registration BGF 836, is inactive missing.

The theft happened erstwhile a antheral unhooked Riley’s trailer and leapt into the car and drove disconnected with Billy inactive inside.

A witnesser called the mobile fig connected the trailer to cheque if everything was each right, reasoning she was speaking to Riley. However, it was the car thief who answered the telephone and past hung up.

Since past the car was tracked connected CCTV driving towards Greerton and turning down 21st Avenue by Tauranga Hospital. Someone other reported seeing the conveyance aboriginal that evening adjacent Bayfair.

Anyone who sees the conveyance should interaction constabulary directly.

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