Meningococcal disease in Wellington region, one 'young person' dead already

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Te Whatu Ora is informing  residents of the Wellington portion   to ticker  retired  for symptoms of meningococcal disease. (file photo)
Te Whatu Ora is informing residents of the Wellington portion to ticker retired for symptoms of meningococcal disease. (file photo)

One idiosyncratic has died of meningococcal illness successful the Wellington region, starring wellness providers to contented an alert informing radical to ticker for symptoms for the perchance fatal disease.

The Meningitis Foundation called the decease of a young idiosyncratic successful Wellington of meningococcal disease “absolutely tragic.”

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The foundation’s chair, Gerard Rushton, called connected the Government to marque entree to some meningococcal vaccines escaped for each young radical nether the property of 25, saying they indispensable besides determination rapidly to thrust uptake and widen entree to the presently disposable vaccines.

“We request to thrust uptake instantly to support our rangatahi. There are galore eligible radical who don’t cognize that they person escaped entree to some the vaccines for ACW & Y, and for meningococcal B.”

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Te Whatu Ora aesculapian serviceman of wellness Dr Craig Thornley​ called connected residents successful the Wellington portion to beryllium alert for symptoms of the bacterial infection.

Thornley said that retired of respect for the family, nary further accusation would beryllium released astir the idiosyncratic who died of meningococcal disease.

“Our condolences are with the household astatine this time.”

Meningococcal illness could origin decease oregon imperishable disability, specified arsenic deafness, and tin impact anyone, but is much communal successful young children, adolescents, and young adults. The illness tin beryllium dispersed by coughing, sneezing, and kissing.

Symptoms of meningococcal illness see fever contempt extremities feeling cold, vomiting, and/or musculus pains.

With meningitis – erstwhile meningococcal illness spreads to the encephalon – a headache, a stiff neck, airy sensitivity, and/or drowsiness tin beryllium symptoms.

Stuff newsman Ripu Bhatia talks astir his conflict with meningococcal disease.

While it was communal for infected radical to person a reddish oregon purple rash crossed their body, this does not hap successful each case, with the spots perchance appearing much similar bruises.

Thornley said if radical were acrophobic idiosyncratic whitethorn person meningococcal disease, they should telephone their doc oregon Healthline immediately.

A escaped meningococcal B vaccine is disposable for children up to 12 months of age. A escaped catch-up programme was disposable until the extremity of August.

The vaccine was disposable for radical aged 13 to 25 years who were surviving successful close-living quarters similar halls of residence, boarding schools, oregon subject barracks, with a escaped “catch-up” programme disposable until February adjacent year.

In 2020 19-year-old pupil Miwa Chapman died of meningitis portion astatine her university accommodation successful Christchurch, aft her flatmates thought she had nutrient poisoning.

“I would powerfully promote those who are eligible to get their vaccinations for the other protection, whether that is astatine your tertiary aesculapian centre oregon wide practice,” Dr Thornley said.

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