Important reading and writing questions for Lisa Hamilton-Gibbs

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Children's publication  writer  Lisa Hamilton-Gibbs.

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Children's publication writer Lisa Hamilton-Gibbs.

Children’s writer Lisa Hamilton-Gibbs has published her 2nd book, The Gubyllub, (Bullybug spelled backwards), pursuing the communicative of Rose, who encounters bullying behaviour. Gubyllub is written successful rhyming couplet with a 32-page operation recommended by renowned British children’s writer Julia Donaldson (The Gruffalo, Room connected the Broom)

Next week is Pink Shirt Day [May 19] which makes your publication timely - what bash your characters larn astir bullying, and bash you person immoderate advice, for children oregon adults, astir however to woody with a bully?

The characters larn done our main quality Rose, that determination is simply a harmful bug liable for taking distant kindness successful children called the ‘Bullybug’. Rose reveals the travel she has been connected observe a cure for her ain lawsuit of the Bullybug. If they travel her proposal they excessively tin conscionable an wholly antithetic bug – the Gubyllub.

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We spot successful the publication the translation of the Bullybug into a Gubyllub. This is utilized arsenic a metaphor for however we tin each alteration according to our behaviour. My proposal for dealing with bullying would beryllium to effort and beryllium conscious of your thoughts and actions. My mantra is: “We are not our mistakes. We are what we bash next.” Also, our website offers tools and ideas successful a colourful and highly illustrated mode to prosecute children (and parents) connected the taxable of kindness, bullying behaviour and however we tin code it.

Your girl Millie had input into the illustrations - however did that work?

My Millie is an astonishing small creator truthful erstwhile I was successful lockdown and came up with the characters Rose and Billy, I asked her to make them for me. I past brought these characters to life. You tin spot her archetypal drawings connected our website.

What is your favourite children's publication of each time, and why?

That is simply a precise pugnacious 1 but I volition person to take The Smartest Giant In Town by Julia Donaldson [illustrations by Axel Scheffler]. Predominantly due to the fact that I work it truthful overmuch to Millie and my lad Sam erstwhile they were tiny, and I had a small opus that ever accompanied it. I ne'er bushed of speechmaking this book. Now I deliberation astir it, the irony is that publication truly was astir the kindest elephantine successful town!

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