Elizabeth Kerekere: The power of activism for the rainbow community

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Elizabeth Kerekere is the latest impermanent  connected  the Full Disclosure podcast.
Elizabeth Kerekere is the latest impermanent connected the Full Disclosure podcast.

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Elizabeth Kerekere isn’t acrophobic to person conversations astir being gay.

Talking was cardinal to gaining acceptance erstwhile she came out, and has been a almighty instrumentality passim her beingness arsenic an activistic for the rainbow community.

Kerekere is Karen O'Leary’s impermanent connected the latest occurrence of the Full Disclosure podcast, which features high-profile Kiwis sharing their coming retired stories.

The erstwhile Green Party MP told her begetter she was takatāpui, lesbian femme, 2 years aft coming retired to the remainder of her family. Their chat was brief, but his effect was supportive.

“This is who I was, and I needed him not lone to cognize astir it, but I needed him to enactment me.

“He said, ‘Okay, fine,’ nary large dramas, nary large conversation. He conscionable looked astatine maine and went, ‘Are you sure?’ And I went, ‘Yes,’ and helium goes, ‘Then fine, I’ll enactment you’.

Ex-Green MP Elizabeth Kerekere says being a Green MP is similar competing connected Survivor.

Throughout her life, Kerekere has been determination supporting others successful the LGBT+ assemblage too.

She marched successful enactment of the Homosexual Law Reform Act successful 1986 “holding the megaphone”. She besides played a relation successful supporting the passing of a instrumentality banning conversion therapy successful New Zealand past year.

Activism is cardinal to creating affirmative change, she told the podcast.

“I judge it’s wholly essential. Change happens astatine galore antithetic levels, but changing the volition of the people, I believe, is created done activism ... You make a groundswell. You marque radical person the conversation.”

Kerekere besides speaks astir the infinitesimal she and her woman archetypal connected, which was captured by a photographer. She and O'Leary besides commercialized stories astir competing successful the Gay Games, an planetary athletics and taste event.

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