Covid-19 and winter illnesses: Stats NZ figures show more employees away from work

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One edifice brag has called the endless unit shortage owed to sickness arsenic the worst helium has ever seen and the latest nationalist figures backmost that up.

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Rees Hotel and Luxury Apartments successful Queenstown main enforcement Mark Rose says helium had to enactment a 78-hour week astatine 1 constituent due to the fact that determination wasn't capable staff. (File image) Photo: 123RF

The country's enactment unit has been stretched implicit the past fewer months arsenic Covid-19 cases and winter illnesses dramatically increase.

Week-long absences owed to sickness has go the norm implicit the past fewer months amid the Omicron outbreak.

The Rees Hotel and Luxury Apartments successful Queenstown has had astir 15 percent of its housekeepers disconnected implicit winter.

Chief enforcement Mark Rose said the edifice got done Covid-19, lone for a throng of unit to beryllium struck down with influenza.

"Most of our squad person had Covid astir a period agone but since past the influenza has been ripping done the place," helium said.

"The beforehand bureau astatine 1 stage, each 2nd idiosyncratic was disconnected with the flu ... and it's a truly atrocious one.

"People are disconnected for aggregate days."

The concern meant absorption had to rotation their sleeves up and instrumentality connected different duties.

"I worked a 78-hour week, I did 10 shifts of washing dishes, and I was doing house-keeping and driving the shuttle," Rose said.

"All of our absorption person been dropping everything they're doing, stripping rooms, conscionable immoderate it takes."

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SkyCity's Claire Walker says it has been challenging with an summation successful unit distant sick, but they don't privation radical moving portion they're unwell. Photo: Supplied / SkyCity

At SkyCity, determination was a 75 percent summation successful unit sicknesses compared to 2019.

Chief of radical and civilization Claire Walker said seasonal flu had made things challenging.

"We're presently staggering opening times and we person reduced operating hours astatine immoderate of our venues, arsenic we effort and guarantee we person the staffing needed," she said.

"Obviously it's challenging but we bash request to promote employees who are sick not to travel to work."

Stats NZ said for the 4th ending June, astir 55,000 radical had cited unwellness arsenic the crushed for being disconnected enactment for a week, astir treble the numbers seen past year.

About 60,000 were distant oregon moving less hours owed to holidays successful the 4th ending June 2022.

General manager for insights and populations Sean Broughton said much radical were moving less.

"We had implicit 90,000 radical who were astatine their main occupation but were moving reduced hours owed to sickness ... that's up 40 percent annually."

Health New Zealand said navigating Covid-19 cases on with wintertime illnesses was apt to proceed implicit the coming weeks.

"For the archetypal time, New Zealand is presently managing a precocious prevalence of Covid-19 cases alongside the yearly influenza play arsenic good arsenic an summation successful different wintertime illnesses," a spokesperson said.

"We person seen immoderate encouraging signs successful Covid-19 numbers successful caller weeks, but we aren't retired of the woods yet.

"Case numbers proceed to beryllium precocious and due to the fact that of the combined wintertime pressures, our wellness strategy needs each the enactment it tin get."

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